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Journal and Conference Papers

"A new approach to EC-QCL-based mid-infrared dispersion spectroscopy"

[Poster] Lindner, S., Hayden, J., Schwaighofer, A., Wolflehner, T., Gonzáles Cabrera, M. & Lendl, B., Flair 2018 Conference, Assisi, Sep 10-14, 2018

"Quantum Cascade Laser Integration on Silicon for Gas Sensing"

Carras, M., Brun, M., Fedeli, J.-M., Coutard, J.-G., Duraffourg, L., Maisons, G., Aoust, G., Nicoletti, S. & Abautret, J., 2018 IEEE Photonics Society Summer Topical Meeting Series (SUM2018), 6-11 July 2018, Hawaii (USA), 233-234 (IEEE, 2018).

"Photoacoustic cell on silicon for mid-infrared QCL-based spectroscopic analysis"

Coutard, J.-G., Glière, A., Fedeli, J.-M., Lartigue, O., Skubich, J., Aoust, G., Teulle, A., Strahl, T., Nicoletti, S., Carras, M. & Duraffourg, L., SPIE Photonics West, OPTO-2019, “MOEMS and Miniaturised Systems XVIII”, 2-7 February 2019, San Francisco (USA), Proc. SPIE 10931, 109310V (2019). [Download pdf]

"Antimonide-based optoelectronic devices grown on Si substrates"

Tournié, E., Cerutti, L., Rodriguez, J.-B., Perez, J.-P., Christol, P., Teissier, R. & Baranov, A. N., SPIE Photonics West, Opto-2019, “Silicon Photonics XIV”, 2-7 February 2019, San Francisco (USA), paper 1923-11. Proc. SPIE 10923, 109230C (2019). [Download pdf]

"InAs/AlSb quantum cascade lasers grown on silicon substrates"

Tournié, E., Van, H. N., Loghmari, Z., Cerutti, L., Rodriguez, J.-B., Tournet, J., Narcy, G., Boissier, G., Patriarche, G., Bahriz, M., Teissier, R. & Baranov, A. N., SPIE Photonics West, Opto-2019, “Quantum Sensing and Nano Electronics and Photonics XVI”, 2-7 February 2019, San Francisco (USA), Proc. SPIE 10926, 1092618 (2019). [Download pdf]

"Miniaturization of mid-IR sensors on Si: challenges and perspectives"

Nicoletti, S., Fedeli, J.-M., Fournier, M., Labeye, P., Barritault, P., Marchant, A., Glière, A., Teulle, A., Coutard, J.-G. & Duraffourg, L., SPIE Photonics West, Opto-2019, “Silicon Photonics XIV”, 2-7 February 2019, San Francisco (USA), Proc. SPIE 10923, 109230H (2019).

"Shape optimization for the design of passive mid-infrared photonic components"

Lebbe, N., Glière, A., Hassan, K., Dapogny, C. & Oudet, E., Opt. Quant. Electron., 51, 363 (2019).

"High-throughput quantitation of bovine milk proteins and discrimination of commercial milk types by external cavity-quantum cascade laser spectroscopy and chemometrics"

Montemurro, M., Schwaighofer, A., Schmidt, A., Culzoni, M. J., Mayer, H. K. & Lendl, B., Analyst, 98 (2019).

"Molecular-beam epitaxy of GaSb on 6°-offcut (001) Si using a GaAs nucleation layer"

Rio Calvo, M., Rodriguez, J.-B., Cerutti, L., Ramonda, M., Patriarche, G. & Tournié, E., J. Crystal Growth, 125299 (2019).

"pH titration of β-lactoglobulin monitored by laser-based Mid-IR transmission spectroscopy coupled to chemometric analysis"

Schwaighofer, A., Alcaraz, M. R., Lux, L. & Lendl, B., Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 226, 117636 (2020).

"External Cavity Quantum Cascade Laser-Based Mid-Infrared Dispersion Spectroscopy for Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Liquid-Phase Samples"

Lindner, S., Hayden, J., Schwaighofer, A., Wolflehner, T., Kristament, C., Gonzales-Cabrera, M., Zlabinger, S. & Lendl, B., Applied Spectroscopy, (2019).

"Downsizing and Silicon Integration of Photoacoustic Gas Cells"

Glière, A., Barritault, P., Berthelot, A., Constancias, C., Coutard, J. G., Desloges, B., Duraffourg, L., Fedeli, J. M., Garcia, M., Lartigue, O., Lhermet, H., Marchant, A., Rouxel, J., Skubich, J., Teulle, A., Verdot, T. & Nicoletti, S., Int. J. Thermophys, 41 (2), 16 (2020).

"Edge-coupling of O-band InP etched-facet lasers to polymer waveguides on SOI by micro-transfer-printing"

Loi, R., Iadanza, S., Roycroft, B., O’Callaghan, J., Liu, L., Thomas, K., Gocalinska, A., Pelucchi, E., Farrell, A., Kelleher, S., Gul, R. F., Trindade, A. J., Gomez, D., O’Faolain, L. & Corbett, B., IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 56, 6400108 (2020).

"Beyond Beer’s Law: Why the Index of Refraction Depends (Almost) Linearly on Concentration"

Mayerhöfer, T. G., Dabrowska, A., Schwaighofer, A., Lendl, B. & Popp, J., ChemPhysChem, (2020).

"Mid-infrared laser diodes epitaxially grown on on-axis (001) silicon"

Rio Calvo, M., Monge Bartolomé, L., Bahriz, M., Boissier, G., Cerutti, L., Rodriguez, J.-B. & Tournié, E., Optica 7 (4), 263–266 (2020).

"Volume Fabrication of Quantum Cascade Lasers on 200 mm-CMOS pilot line"

Coutard, J. G., Brun, M., Fournier, M., Lartigue, O., Fedeli, F., Maisons, G., Fedeli, J. M., Nicoletti, S., Carras, M. & Duraffourg, L., Scientific Reports 10, 6185 (2020).

"InAs-based quantum cascade lasers grown on on-axis (001) silicon substrate"

Loghmari, Z., Rodriguez, J. B., Baranov, A. N., Rio Calvo, M., Cerutti, L., Meguekam, A., Bahriz, M., Teissier, R. & Tournié, E., APL Photonics 5, 041302 (2020).